I have been a fan of diy(do it yourself) for a long time, so I decided it was about time to get a tumblr for it ;) Enjoy. (Pictures are not mine)


DIY Lace nails

For broke college students, summer break can get a little dull. Not everyone has the funds to experience a summer abroad or hit up every music festival. Here are 8 DIY summer projects on a college budget:www.studypods.com/blog

Can’t afford some fawn-cy marble planters? Neither can I. I have a couple of used-up food canisters that would be perfect for this DIY. (This is great for if you wan to do so something with your long weekend but still be lazy.) -EL
VIA fallfordiy

DIY Carnations

50 DIY Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

Such a yummy recipe for summer!
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